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Kalkaska Rhinos Jr.A Hockey Team

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To The Residents and Families of Kalkaska,

It has been another whirlwind of a season, but we are excited to begin planning for the 2016-2017 Kalkaska Rhinos Hockey season at the Kaliseum Recreational Complex.  We will bring a high level of hockey games to the community for you to come out and enjoy.  The games are fun and very competitive that will be played in our local area.  We are asking this amazing community to offer support in helping our players and become Host/Billet families.  It takes a very special family to open their home (and hearts) to a teenager who is far from home and in need of much more than just a room.  They need a family.  If you think your family has the right stuff, please consider joining us. 

Here is as overview of the Host/Billet requirements:

Host family responsibilities will begin when the players arrive Mid-September, 2016 through Mid- March 2017. There are generally only two breaks when players return home – Thanksgiving and Christmas. Players will also be absent during travel hockey tournament events and away games. These breaks are dependent upon the game schedule.

Kalkaska Rhinos will provide the host family with a game schedule with both home and away games.  An information sheet regarding the rules and code of conduct set forth by the GM and Coaching Staff of the Kalkaska Rhinos Players.  A code of conduct and expectations for the host families. A season pass for all members of the household of the host family and a discount of team merchandise. Director of Housing will also provide important data about your player(s), host family contact list; including names, addresses, emails, and phones numbers of all the players and host homes.  Along with a list of contact information for parents of the young men you are housing.

Below is a summary of information families interested in billeting a player from the Kalkaska Rhinos need to know before deciding to commit to the experience:

1.The player(s) will need to have his/their own room. Down time and privacy are paramount to his/their mental and physical well-being.

2.Each billet family receives a monthly stipend of $350.00 to help defray the player’s grocery expenses. Your monthly food bill will increase quite a bit as it will be your responsibility to make sure the player’s nourishment is provided for. Please be aware that players have a large food requirement because of the physical demands of junior hockey.

3.Your player may bring his own car to town to drive. If he does not have a car, your player will carpool with another player or other players in the vicinity. You will not be responsible to provide transportation for your player(s).

4.Although you are not the player’s parent, you will need to set rules and expectations for him/them to follow while he/they are living in your home. The player(s) must respect your house rules and be accountable if he/they don’t follow them. Likewise, he/they need to follow the code of conduct set forth by the coaches for the team. To fully support and positively reinforce the efforts and feedback of the team coaches. This means refraining from interfering with coaching activities—let the coaches do their jobs.

5.A background check on all adults living in the home is required by USA Hockey and the United States Premier Hockey League.  Cost of the background check will be paid by host family.


The greatest rewards are the intangible ones! All of our current billet families will tell you that their lives and the lives of their family members have been enriched because of the relationship they’ve established with players and their families.

Please consider the above information, and if you are interested in billeting a player please fill out the Host/Billet Application found below, and return via email to:   After review of your information we can schedule an interview. Be aware that your entire family would need to be present for the interview.

The Owner, Coaching Staff and Director of Housing thank you for your consideration.